Many people ask for a list of brand recommendations when speaking of women's plus size fashion. When wardrobing, I like to take a longer-term approach and focus on investing in slow fashion brands. Even if a brand doesn't meet all of your criteria for slow fashion (eco-friendly, sustainable materials, sustainable production and practices), it should at the very least be excellent, long-lasting quality and have ethical practices. For example, some of the brands listed here could be considered "fast fashion" because of mass production, but if you buy an item from them and wear it for 10 years, you're still supporting the slow fashion movement. Below are some recommendations from your favourite influencers and a list of great brands to research while you plan your wardrobe.

Influencer recommendations:

Diana of @diana.dares on slow fashion icons, Dani Marie, the Label:

I was so excited to discover Dani Marie, an ethically-made, slow plus size fashion brand. Their dresses are timeless and beautifully-made—classic styles and silhouettes that can be worn for years to come.


Lisa of @mustangsallytwo on supporting sustainable business, Mettamade.

I love Mettamade which is local to us in Hamilton because they are size inclusive, high quality casual pieces with breathable bamboo fabric.  They use a variety of models and they are a Mother Daughter duo so you are supporting female entrepreneurs


Sureka of @thickthighsandbutterflies on the quality and inclusivity of Torrid:

Torrid has to be one of my favourite places to shop not only because I know I'll find my size but I know I can find pieces to last me years. I love getting my basics from Torrid like camis, t-shirts and denim. All of the basics I have from Torrid I've never needed to replace. I know it's a little bit more expensive than grabbing something with a similar look somewhere else but it's more important to me to buy something that lasts. I'll end up saving more in the long-run and also reduce more waste.


Lisa of @fearlessfatshionista on the quality fabric and longevity of Eloquii.

One of my fav brands is Eloquii. Their pieces are a bit too rich for my blood for me to be shopping with them all the time, but they always have amazing quality, fashion forward pieces. As a plus size gal in the corporate world, they are especially important to me as a brand where I can find beautiful business attire that looks great on me, but also allows me to hold on to my unique fashion sense and creativity while dressing business formal. They create high quality, classic pieces, that I know will last a long time. I still have the very first blazers I bought from them 2 years ago, and they are still in perfect condition.



Ulla Popken
Lane Bryant
Universal Standard
Dani Marie the Label
Consign Your Curves
Curvy Thrift Co.
Hillary MacMillan